“It’s So Red”: This Irish Influencer Just Got Super Honest About Her Acne And It’s So Inspiring

Women have been thanking her for sharing her story.

Irish influencer, Maeve Madden, has been very open about her struggle with adult acne and has been a huge help to other women going through the same thing. In a recent Instagram post, she said, “My skin story has been emotional. Who doesn’t get spots… we all get them and for different reasons – mine is hormonal due to having PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). My skin can be clear for months and then completely soul destroying other months…”

And as part of her treatment, Maeve went to a special dermatologist for pixel laser therapy. “So I’m getting my face frozen with this cream and then I’m going to have a pixel facial, and that’s going to peel off all my skin for the next 10 days,” she said on Snapchat.

@maeve_madden on Snapchat

Indicating to her lower cheek, she added, “You can see here, there’s still a lot of scarring. I’m hoping the facial will remove all that, because it’s all dead acne now.” Then the treatment began, which involved a laser machine zapping the skin to remove acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

As the zaps continued, Maeve said, “There’s actual smoke pumping out, oh my God,” and then afterwards she admitted, “That is pretty burny. It’s so red! I look like a strawberry… It looks like you burnt my face.”

The pain of the treatment became so overwhelming that the blonde beauty found herself in tears. “I’ve no idea why I did that,” she told her followers, “because it’s the most painful thing ever. Oh my God, my face is glowing in the dark…”

Despite the pain and confidence issues acne can cause, Maeve is inspiring so many other women by sharing her story. Many have commented on her Instagram saying, “You’re truly beautiful inside and out! Thanks for being such an inspiration to others!” and “Thank you for posting this! I have PCOS as well. My skin always has its ups and downs. It drives me absolutely crazy! I feel ya girl!”

Another said, “I have this too… It’s nice to see someone else go through it and do well and feel better. Thank you for sharing.” While a fourth woman wrote, “You inspire me. Thank you for sharing your story, for keeping us updated and showing us that anything is possible. I hope to become as strong as you are and achieve my goals.”

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