It’s The End Of An Era! Urban Decay Are Discontinuing The OG Naked Palette

*weeps for Half Baked*

Guys… we don’t know how to say this, so we’ll just come out with it: Urban Decay are discontinuing the OG Naked palette.

Yes, the iconic eyeshadow palette that practically every second woman had in her makeup collection, the one that heralded the nude eyeshadow trend, and spawned a plethora of copycats.

According to Allure, one was sold every six seconds in 2015, and over $1 billion worth of the palettes has been sold since 2010.

UD founder Wende Zomnir said that saying goodbye has been ‘bittersweet’:

It was a big moment in our history. It’s a little painful to leave your past behind, but it’s also essential to always evolve. I will forever miss Naked, but we plan to turn the grief into even more greatness.

‘Grief’, LOL. But they’re really leaning into the bereavement theme, holding an actual funeral for the palette in California yesterday – the mourners included a clatter of beauty influencers, and UD ambassador Nicole Richie gave the eulogy.

Gas. We too are extremely sad to lose the OG Naked palette, but we’re sure that Urban Decay will produce something even better to replace it.

The palette is currently 30% off on the UK Urban Decay site, so if it’s your Holy Grail, you might want to snap up a few before it’s gone for good…


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