Kanye West Is Launching A Make-Up Line, And WTF?

Move over Kylie Jenner.

Poor Kylie Jenner could be in for some stiff competition from her brother-in-law Kanye West as the rapper-come-fashion-designer apparently has plans to launch his own make-up line.

That’s right; Kanye West is releasing his own range of cosmetics. Let that sink in for a sec.

According to TMZ, the rapper has already filed legal documents “declaring his intention” to launch a beauty line called Donda Cosmetics.

So what can you expect from Yeezy’s new products? Well, as far as we know he’s not bringing out Kylighters or lip kits like his sis-in-law. Instead, the range is said to include lotions, perfumes and some make-up.

We must admit we’re having trouble visualising exactly what a Kanye-inspired cosmetics collection would like. Is it for men? Is it for women? Will Kim be a fan?

Whatever’s on the horizon for Yeezy, something tells us we’ll be sticking with our Kylie products for just a little while longer.


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