Kim Kardashian Launches New Skincare Brand SKKN BY KIM

Skincare by Kim you say? Sign us up!


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It’s here!

Kim Kardashian’s skincare line has dropped and it’s VERY Kim. The perfect name, the neutral tones and the fact that we feel we NEED it in our beauty bag ASAP proves that it was created and designed by Kim.

For her first launch Kim released nine products, yes NINE. The reality star told Allure she was advised to only release three or four products at first but that she insisted on releasing her full nine-product skincare routine.


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This isn’t Kim’s first venture into the beauty world, the shut down her beauty brands KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance last year in order to rebrand and change formulas, although we don’t know if SKKN is going to branch out into beauty too, it will launch five years to the day of the launch of KKW Beauty, June 21st.

Having since dropped West from her name as she is in the midst of a divorce from Kanye, KKW didn’t make too much sense anymore, so the name SKKN (pronounced skin) is a genius introduction to her new era. The double K keeping her iconic initials in the name but still keeping cohesive with her other brand SKIMS, Kimmy can’t go wrong.

All of the packaging in the line is reusable and refillable which was important to Kim in the design of the components.


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We don’t yet know when the brand will be available in Ireland, we only got Kylie cosmetics in stores recently! But something tells us we won’t be waiting too long (hopefully).

Congrats Kim!


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