Kim Kardashian Said She’s ‘Never Felt Pain’ Like Her Met Gala Look

Do not try this at home, kids!

They say beauty is pain, but we’re not sure any amount of beauty is worth the pain Kim Kardashian was in for her Met Gala look.

You’ll probably instantly recognise the outfit that Kim wore to the big fashion event, a nude Thierry Mugler dress with beaded droplets elegantly hanging from her.

But if you thought her figure looked even more hourglass than usual, it’s because she took some serious measures.

She donned a Mr Pearl corset under the dress to give accentuate her curves and give her a teeny tiny waist, but not before getting some breathing lessons.


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“7 months in the making and fittings in Montreal, Paris and LA. Corset breathing lessons from none other than Mr. Pearl. It was worth it all!!! And this was the start of a magical inspiring connection,” Kim said on Instagram shortly after the event.

We have to admire that she’s not making this look sound easy, or fun, and more recently she spoke about the physical pain it caused her.

Speaking to Wall Street Journal Magazine, she denied having ribs removed to fit into the dress, stating: “I don’t even know if that’s possible.”

But adds: “I have never felt pain like that in my life.”

She also detailed that damage it caused her body saying: “I’ll have to show you pictures of the aftermath when I took it off—the indentations on my back and my stomach.”

It goes without saying, but just in case, don’t try this at home kids!

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