Kim K’s Nipple Bra Might Be Kind Of Genius, Actually

It's giving chilly


Kim Kardashian has launched a new bra with built in nipples to raise awareness of climate change. Yes, you did read that correctly.

The reality star and entrepreneur announced the new SKIMS bra on social media a few days ago, in a video where she sported the bra (with built-in nipples for “shock factor”) and discussed the ever rising sea levels and temperatures.

“No matter how hot it is, you’ll always look cold,” says Kim. And as the summers become unbearably hot and serious weather events are even more common, isn’t that what we’ve always wanted?


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Aside from the obvious added benefit of looking like you’re not wearing a bra while, in fact, wearing a bra (feminism), Kim has also committed to making a one-time donation of 10% of sales from the bra to 1% For The Planet – a global network of businesses supporting the conservation of the earth.

Naturally, many have questioned why the bra exists at all, and why Kim chose to market it with such a playful and unserious tone. The reality is that, like most things Kim does, everyone is talking about it now, and as a result, a lot of money is likely to be raised to protect the environment.

It’s also pretty funny, so there’s that.

What’s more is that some women who have undergone mastectomies and other breast cancer related procedures have said that they can’t wait to buy the nipple bra. One user said in the comments: “I’ve just battled breast cancer and lost my right breast so for me this is genius! Can’t wait to get one,” while another added: “This is hitting breast cancer baddies different! Thank you!”

This may not have been the intention of Kim’s new product, but giving cancer survivors the option to feel more like themselves while also raising funds to aid in the climate crisis can only be a good thing.

In other SKIMS related news, the much-lauded brand has just arrived in Brown Thomas. Nipple bras for all!