Kylie Jenner’s Make Up Artist Just Shared His Secrets For Achieving The Perfect Base

Who knew we were doing it all so wrong?!


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By now we’re all well acquainted with the Kar/Jenners go-to hair man, the gorgeous Andrew Fitzsimons. But, we’re less aware of their magic make-up man, the one who Kylie in particular always reaches out to when she’s looking for a bit of glam.

Ariel Tejada is only 24 but he’s making big waves in the world of LA make-up artistry. He’s painted some of he most famous faces in the bizz, with his make-up lessons video with Shay Mitchel going viral back in 2017.

Although recorded 3 years ago, there are still many lessons to be learned from the MUA when it comes to creating the perfect make-up base. In the video, Ariel can be seen making up half of Shay’s face, while Shay copies his techniques herself on the other side of her face.


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In the video, there are three major takeaways that we note. Firstly, Ariel recommends moisturising and strobing before applying your foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with strobing, Ariel explains it by telling us that you take a liquid illuminator of your choice, and apply it to the high points of your face using a brush (or your fingers if you like). The high points include your cheekbones, above your eyebrows, and the bridge of your nose. This creates a glow under your base, helping to give your face more definition.

Next, Ariel taught us that if you’re someone who likes to lash on the concealer before your base well, you probably shouldn’t. Explaining why you shouldn’t, he said:

“You’re going to go in with your foundation and move and blend the concealer shade you have on your face,”

“So now your foundation is ashy and you’ve removed the concealer you applied. It’s just a hot mess,” he continued.

So, instead of applying your concealer first, you should apply it last, only popping it onto the areas that really need it.

Lastly, Ariel taught us of the wonders of mixing oil with your foundation. It might sound a bit mad at first, but Ariel say that it helps to blend things out evenly. Simply dropping a drop or two, depending on how dry or oily your skin is, in with your foundation and mixing it together on the back of your hand before applying can work wonders for the finish of your base. Once you’re glowing you can dab some powder over the areas you want to reduce shine and you’re good to go.

For more tips and lols you can check out the full video below!