Lace Is Trending, So Here’s Some Lacy Inspo

Bows, rosettes, lace... it's girly season!

We all love  a new trend when it comes to fashion, and with Spring in full swing they’re popping up like daisies!

This time round, it’s all about lace. From tops to skirts, lace is making a comeback and is on the way to becoming the fashion trend of the season.

To prepare the fashion girlies for the lace take over we’ve listed all the different ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Lace Skirts


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Long lace skirts are all the rage right now  – and we are here for it.

It’s the perfect way to start welcoming skirts back after the winter and will dress up any outfit.

Lace skirts can styled so many different ways; but we especially love this plain tee and leather jacket combo.

Lace Tops


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Lace tops are perfect for the Spring and Summer months – they’re light and they’re girly!

They can be easily styled with your favourite pair of jeans or a cute denim skirt, and et voila – you have the perfect Spring fit.

Lace Dresses 

Who doesn’t love a lace dress? They’re so simple but so elegant at the same time.

When wearing a lace dress, you don’t have to worry about adding lots of accessories, as the dress is the moment.

Try styling with a leather jacket or an oversized blazer. You could also add a belt and a pair of boots to keep you toasty til Summertime.

Lace Pants 


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Lace pants are a sure way to add some wow factor to your outfit.

They are ideal for the warmer weather and perfect styled with a basic t-shirt, sandals, and a pair of sunnies.

As it’s not that warm just yet, try styling with a jumper and an oversized blazer.

We’re welcoming all things lace with open arms this Spring!

Words by Grace Sweeney