L’Occitane’s Fresh And Floral New Fragrance Would Be The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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Now that the fog of Christmas has lifted, we are beginning to think about spring. Warmer, sunnier days are on the horizon and the best part about the start of this new season is that everything starts to smell fresher too, from the grass being cut to flowers beginning to bloom again.

L’Occitane’s new fragrance, Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau, perfectly encapsulates that fresh, spring feeling.

The main ingredient behind the fragrance is the white clover, a flower found in Provence, a nod to the brand’s heritage. It is a delicate yet powerful scent, both citrusy and floral, combining flowers and wild grasses.

You’ll want the green and floral notes of this scent to last all day so L’Occitane recommends fragrance layering. You can do this with different scents that complement each other, or alternatively use everything from the same range to intensify the fragrance.

Start off by using the Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau Perfumed Soap (€6.50) or the Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau Gentle Shower Gel (€18.50) to cleanse the skin.

You can then follow up with the Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau Beauty Milk (€27.00) and Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau Hand Cream (€10.50) which will help to lock in moisture and leave skin supple and hydrated.

The final touch is a few spritzes of the Herbae par L’Occitane L’Eau perfume – by layering the products on top of each other like this you’ll create a long-lasting scent that you’ll be able to smell all day. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Gift for that special someone.