Love These Chloé Shearling Boots? We’ve Found A Similar Pair On The High Street

Is the latest trend worth shelling the big bucks for, or should you grab it on the high street?

We’ve got a bargain Vs blowout for you today and it involves one of the most talked about shoes of the moment, the Chloé Betty shearling and leather-trimmed rubbed ankle boots.

As we all know, rubber “welly-esque” boots have been big this season. From that Zara “it pair” you’ve certainly seen all over your feed to Prada’s leather and nylon monolith boots and – of course, Bottega Veneta’s BV tire boots – if only we had a festival to attend this year, our old wellies would have been so trendy!

But in recent months, these designer wellies have been taking to catwalks rather than fields and all over the fashion pages for both their style and practicality.

Shop the Chloé boot here 

If you’ve had your eye on the Chloé shearling boots as seen on many of the fash pack, you might be excited to know that we’ve found a pretty good affordable alternative.

If you can’t justify spending €450 for the Chloé pair, EGO, the UK high street shoe store has just put a pretty similar pair on sale for £34.99, down from £79.99.

Shop the EGO boot here 

We spotted these boots on Ed Westwick’s girlfriend Tamara Francesconi and fell in love with how cool they look.

Styling the look with Chanel tights and an all black ensemble, she looks just too chic.


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Now, as black, heeled boots are always a win, the option is up to you on whether or not you think you’ll get enough mileage out of the shearling style. From wearing with jeans to dresses and leggings, we could see ourselves pairing this boot with plenty of looks throughout 2021, especially with that current snow fall – so, that’s us sold.

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