Make-Up Fairy Joanne Larby Has Opened Up About Her Cosmetic Surgery Regret

She also revealed what she plans to have done next.

Joanne Larby

Irish blogger Joanne Larby, AKA The Make-Up Fairy, has opened up about her cosmetic surgery regret, revealing to fans that she’d prefer to have a more natural look.

Speaking to her followers on Snapchat, the 29-year-old admitted she’s unhappy with the lip fillers she’s gotten in the past and that she doesn’t plan to ever have them done again.

“The only thing I’ve ever had done is lip filler and I haven’t had it in over a year and I don’t think I’ll ever have it again,” she said, “It’s something that, in ways, I regret because I like being natural.

“But I guess it’s part of the game,” she continued, “being online and talking about body image and changing your body dramatically… you do tend to obsess with the things that are wrong with you”.

But just because she doesn’t want lip fillers anymore, doesn’t mean she’s against cosmetic surgery completely. The Irish native, who now resides in London, is passionate about working out and will soon be partaking in bikini competitions. Because of that, she revealed she’s considering having a boob job.

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Joanne said, “Depending on how they look when they get to the shape I need to be, I may consider a breast lift, which I’m terrified about.

“But I would guess I am going to get a lift, and if I’m bothering to get a lift I’m probably going to get a small implant to bring it back to the size that I naturally am. It’s a big decision… I’m thinking in advance, but it’s something I want to start thinking about and considering.”

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