Make-up Masterclass: Pippa’s Top Tips For Speedy Application

The ever flawless Pippa O'Connor shares her time-saving make-up tricks.


Ever wondered how Pippa O’Connor always looks so flawless? You have? Well, you’re in luck, cos Pippa’s teamed up with Irish brand Blank Canvas Cosmetics to share her top tips on time-saving make-up. The best news? It’s totes achievable. Here are her top tricks to getting flawless in a flash.

1 Brush It Off

Looking for a profesh finish? “Soft, sturdy make-up brushes make the job so much easier, and create a flawless look; it’s something you discover when you’re around professional make-up artists a lot,” Pippa says.

2 Decide on essentials

Beauty bag overflowing? It’s time to clear out the clutter and stick to the essentials, recommends Pippa. “Even if I only wear mascara and concealer, and dust my T-zone with translucent powder, it makes me feel and look better. Get your own essentials organised, for speedy application, and you’ll always leave the house feeling good.”

3 Conceal the Evidence!

Got bags? Steer clear of using foundation under the eyes, it’s far too heavy, suggests Pippa.  Her number one concealer trick? “Try two different concealer tones, highlighting the crease of the eye with a light shade, and applying a slightly darker shade to the actual puffy area.”

4 Blush Strokes

Wanna freshen up your look at lightning speed? “A pinky blush gives a fresh youthful appearance. To define features with impact, subtle shading and highlighting with a bronzer, that is not too dark, works wonders.” Cheers for the heads up, Pippa!