Make-Up Wars? Kylie Jenner Is None Too Happy About Kim Kardashian’s New Cosmetics Venture

"Stay in your own lane".

Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she’ll be launching her very own make-up line, called KKW Beauty, and while it’s an exciting move for the 36-year-old reality star, her little sister Kylie Jenner isn’t too impressed.

Kylie is a make-up mogul and savvy business woman in her own right, having already made millions of dollars from her company Kylie Cosmetics.

But it seems that the 19-year-old is worried that her sister will steal the limelight, and in turn, her customers and revenue.

A source close to Kylie told, “Kylie is proud, she feels like she inspired Kim to get into the make-up game. She never imagined there’d be a day when Kim would be following in her footsteps, it just shows how much things have changed.

“But there’s still competition between them, Kylie does worry that her big sister will come in and takeover. She likes that Kim is copying her but wants her to stay in her own lane,”

Do you think Kim’s new beauty line will steal away customers from Kylie?

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