Make Your Gruaig Look Long And Thick In Minutes With The Cheryl x Easilocks Clip-In Extensions

Clip-ins are no longer sooo 2012.

My first experience with clip in extensions was when I was 15. It was the day before my junior cert began and my mam took me into town to clear the head and treated me to my first set of extensions. They cost €40 from a shop on Moore Street in Dublin and although at the time I thought I was stunning, I look back at photos now and cringe. See below.

WOW. Stunning.

When I looked back at this photo years later, I was convinced that clip-in extensions would always be a terrible choice and I would be forced to splurge on bonded extensions for the rest of my sorry life. That was until I was gifted Cheryl’s latest clip-in extension range with Easilocks and the hair game was changed forever.

The extension hair is synthetic, meaning you can’t use heat to style it. Although that may be considered a negative, Easilocks have eliminated the issue by including straight and wavy sets in the box in various lengths. In the box I found a full head of extensions in the “wonder wave” style, as well as another full head in the “silky straight style”. Both came in two different lengths.

The extensions come with discreet clips that are comfortable and don’t destroy your hair, something I was super conscious of after my years of cheap clip-ins. They’re super quick and easy to apply and come in 16 different shades. I opted for the shade Pearl Oak and the match to my natural hair was literally insane.

My natural hair.


With the CherylxEasilocks extensions.

The extensions look super natural and blend easily with your own hair, despite being synthetic. They’re a great option if you don’t want to hurt your hair with heavy bonded extensions or are indecisive about length. Pop these in for your Christmas night out and take them off in seconds before bed – every lazy gal’s dream.

You can pick up your full 6 in 1 CherylxEasilocks set for €113 in any Easilocks store now, or pop online to


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