Matching Your Makeup To Your Nails May Be This Years Biggest Beauty Trend

Coordination is key ladies

Here at Stellar HQ, we’re always on the lookout for new beauty trends. In recent weeks we’ve noticed a slightly unlikely trend emerge in the beauty community – matching makeup and nails.

We know what you’re thinking, being too matchy-matchy is a one-way ticket to cringeville, but you’re wrong. Gone be with the days of being scarlet for your matching shoes handbag and earrings, coordination is key ladies – and is set to be a huge trend this Spring/Summer.

Matchy-matchy makeup and nails have been taking Instagram by storm this month, with some of our favourite makeup artists and influencers coordinating their beauty looks.

While the act of matching your nail colour to your lipstick is nothing new, the world of synchronisation is being introduced to new realms of glamour, with the possibility of matching a cobalt blue nail design with an equally as eye-catching eyelid colour presenting itself.

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World-renowned nail artist Amy Le recently spoke about the trend, telling Elle magazine: “I feel like matching your lipstick to your nails has always been an old school beauty trend, but recently the overall monochromatic look from your makeup to your nails has gained a lot of popularity… so chic, and it pulls everything together.”

For us, the trend is all about experimenting with different colours and designs. Too scared to go all out? Then play it safe with a brown/orange nail polish and matching orange shadow.

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But if you’re feeling a little adventurous, we love the idea of matching a bright colour like mint-green or fluorescent yellow nails with a graphic liner or all over lid colour – the coordinated world is your oyster!


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