Meghan Markle Gave A Shout Out To Mate Serena Williams By Wearing A Blazer From Her Range

Meghan's a very supportive friend, to be fair to her.

Meghan and Serena in 2014

We’re all here for mates supporting mates in both business and life, and Serena Williams and Meghan Markle are prime example of that.

Serena and Meghan first met in 2014 – Meghan frequently cheered Serena on at her tennis matches, while Serena contributed blog posts to Meghan’s now-defunct lifestyle website, The Tig.

The friendship continued throughout Meghan’s royal courtship, and Serena was one of the many celebrity guests at royal wedding numero uno earlier this year. Two months later, Meghan was in the stands to support her friend at the Wimbledon final.

And now, she’s given her pal a sneaky shout out on her first overseas tour by wearing a jacket from Serena’s clothing line, appropriately titled the Boss blazer.

Unsurprisingly, the $145 jacket is now completely sold out, and Serena’s just a bit delighted:

How cute is that? The blazer is part of a whole collection inspired by royalty (wink wink), which features t-shirts, hoodies, dresses and skirts.

We can sense a theme happening with Meghan’s Australian tour outfits – the chic white dress she wore on the first day, by local designer Karen Gee, flew out the door almost instantly.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll crack out something from Penneys/Primark? Wishful thinking…


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