Michelle Keegan Just Did A Live TV Interview Without Hair And Make-Up And Still Looked Totally Flawless

She was late to the studio and had no time to get preened backstage before her appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Michelle Keegan

Take a quick scroll through Michelle Keegan’s Instagram and it won’t take you long to realise that she’s no stranger to a make-up free pic or two.

That said, posing for a well thought-out selfie, with an array of different filters at your fingertips is one thing; appearing on live telly without so much as a slick of mascara is quite another.

That’s the exact scenario that played out for Mitch when she got stuck in London traffic ahead of her scheduled appearance of Good Morning Britain this morning, and had to miss getting her hair and make-up done before the interview.

Michelle Keegan 1

Arriving to the studio with only moments to spare, Michelle had to go on camera with zero make-up and unstyled hair.

Luckily, being the natural beauty that she is, fans reckoned Michelle still looked as stunning as ever without any styling.

Oh to be naturally blessed, eh?

That said, we know Michelle has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to looking great au natural, having previously revealed that she gets an LVL Enhance treatment that adds volume and length to her natural lashes.

Oh, and as for those shapely arches of hers? Well, they’re are all down to some super-precise threading.

Still, we doubt we’d look so glam after a hectic commute in rush hour traffic.


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