Michelle Keegan Swears By This €12 Beauty Product!

Proving that budget can mean beautiful.

Michelle Keegan

Scroll through Michelle Keegan’s Instagram and it would be hard not to get a major case of life envy. She’s killing it in her career right now; fronting campaigns for Lipsy and Revlon, her marriage with Mark Wright epitomises #RelationshipGoals – oh, and did we mention that thanks to her amazing looks, she never takes a bad selfie?

Given her glowing skin, perfectly arched brows and wide-awake peepers you’d be forgiven for thinking that the contents of Miss Keegan’s beauty bag, came with a major price tag – but no, chatting to Cosmopolitan this week Michelle revealed that one of her fave-o beauty products costs no more than €12.

Her budget pick for perfect peepers? It’s Revlon’s Ultimate All-In-One mascara.

Revlon Mascara

“My favourite mascara is definitely the All-In-One,” she reveals. “It does everything and that’s what you want in a mascara. It thickens, it lengthens and it defines and that’s the perfect mascara for me.”

Er, we’ll take three please.

Michelle also revealed her top application trick for luscious lashes. “I always do the top lashes first and wait for them to completely dry before I do the bottom, because when you look up to do the bottom lashes you always get mascara marks on your eyelids. That’s so annoying when you’ve done your eye makeup and then you have to rub it all off.”

“I always do double layers,” she continues. “So I’ll put one on, do something else on my face and then go back. I always layer up.”

Thanks for the hot tip, Michelle. We’re off to Boots to stock up…


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