Millie Mackintosh Still Looks So Chic Whilst Pregnant: How Does She Do It?

Clearly she's been able to hold onto her own personal style whilst pregnant.

Millie Mackintosh has always had great style. Since she first came onto our screens in the early days of Made in Chelsea she’s been one of our fashion icons.

She has a classy elegance mixed perfectly with a Kate Moss type of grunginess that always looks effortless. Mackintosh has always stayed on the right side of boho-style and never veers into early 2000’s territory (this was not a good time for fashion and we’re sure you have the old Facebook pics to prove it).

So when she announced she was expecting we were curious as to how she would style her outfits during her pregnancy. We, of course, should have known she would still look amazing.

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Little house on the prairie 🌾

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Something a lot of women complain about when pregnant is that they have to dress for the bump, and feel they lose their own personal style. Clearly this hasn’t been an issue for Mackintosh who still looks every inch her boho-self in this snap.

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Bump and ride 🚲🤰🏼

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We also love that she hasn’t restricted herself to wearing lots of loose and flowy dresses. Instead she seems to be wearing lots of form fitting dresses that show off her bump perfectly.

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In full bloom 🤰🏼🌷

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Occassion-wear can be tricky whilst pregnant and again Mackintosh has gone for a fitted dress here. Note that the arms and shoulders of this dress are very structured which helps in making you feel less like you are wearing great swathes of fabric all over.

For a more dressed down look here she’s gone for skinny jeans, and over-sized jacket and boots. But the best bit? She’s borrowed her husband Hugo’s shirt, and we’re going to bet it probably looks better on her!


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