Missguided Sales Have Skyrocketed Since The Start Of Love Island.

They've almost doubled!

With everyone and their granny glued to the telly every night to watch Love Island, it’s no wonder that people are lusting over the summery outfits being worn on the show.

It was reported at the beginning of this series that, along with the suitcase of clothes they bring in themselves, Missguided offer clothes to the contestants for their time in the villa.

And it seems that the contestant’s looks are catching a lot of peoples eyes.

Missguided report that their sales increase by around 40% every single evening Love Island is on. EVERY EVENING!

In an interview with Marketing Week, Missguided’s chief customer officer, Kenyatte Nelson said that aside from Instagram, nothing allows it to reach its core 16- to 29-year-old female audience with the same efficiency as Love Island.

There’s nothing that exists outside of the Instagram platform that touches on a daily basis, for ten weeks, our core customer – particularly those under the age of 25 – with the depth, frequency and level of engagement like Love Island.”

“From a commercial standpoint, it’s worked brilliantly. Even on the first day the show aired, our trade – particularly from around the hours of 7pm to midnight – saw an increase of around 40% week on week and its trajectory has been ratcheting up ever since it hasn’t slowed.”

Kenyatte said that it was a “no-brainer” for the brand to partner up with Love Island and give the contestants “bucket loads” of new clothing to wear on the show.

Keep an eye on the girl’s outfits now to pick up your favourite pieces!


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