Glossier To Launch Hand Cream And Donate 10,000 Bottles To Frontline Workers

It could not come at a better time!


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Glossier founder Emily Weiss has announced some exciting beauty news that couldn’t come at a better time. The brand behind some of our cult faves like cloud paint and balm dotcom, is launching its first-ever hand cream.

In a time when our hands are dry from using cheap bars of soap and antibacterial wash, Glossier has announced that their first ever hand cream will come onto the market Thursday week, April 23.

But the best news, Glossier will be donating the first 10,000 samples of the product to frontline workers in hospitals in the US. Donating the products to workers who are fighting tirelessly to try and stop the spread of COVID19, these products will provide assistance and hopefully, some comfort to those who need it the most.

Announcing the product on IG, Glossier said:

“We’re grateful beyond measure for the healthcare workers on the front lines of COVID-19. Over the past month, we’ve donated thousands of Glossier balms, face mists, and moisturisers to support these teams. One of the most requested items is hand cream, something that’s been in the works at Glossier for nearly two years. We’re so excited to finally bring it into the world next Thursday, April 23.”

And while the initiative is solely based in the US at the moment, Glossier has noted that it wants to continue the good work and help as many people as they can. Glamour UK also reported that the NHS have received products from the brand since the coronavirus outbreak and so, the good work is being felt and appreciated.

As for us, we cannot wait to get our hands on the new hand cream.


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