Penneys’ New Friends Collection Is Making Us Feel Super Nostalgic

It will make you feel like one of the gang.

Could these be any better?

Penneys have brought out a Friends themed collection of homewares and clothing, all inspired by Central Perk.

Prices for the fun collection start at just €3, so they’re an absolute steal. First of all, there is a Central Perk duvet set for €20 which is covered in the famous cafe emblem, yellow cabs and the famous Friends fountain.

You can also get themed candles that are just €4. The candles come in decorated tins with popular Friends sayings on them such as ‘You’re my lobster’, ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ and ‘Central Perk’.

The collection also contains some cute homeware bits.

You can stock up on Espresso mugs (€6), pillows, glittery travel mugs (€5) and cookie jars (€14).

Also, look at these cute magnets you van pick up for €3.50.

The collection is available in store now and we want them all!