PSA: Lidl Launches Own-Brand €4 Tanning Range

We've no doubt this will fly off shelves!

Just when you thought Lidl couldn’t do it all, they launch a tanning range.

Joining the affordable beauty range already available in Ldil, Marbella Glow is Lidl’s first ever own-brand tan with prices starting at €3.99 a bottle.

The tanning range is also made locally in Co Cork, vegan, certified and cruelty free; so there’s no compromise on quality. With a choice of shades too, Marbella Glow bronzing mousse comes in medium, dark and extra dark.

The vegan-friendly tan is infused with white truffle and champagne extracts, combined with vitamin E to condition your skin with antioxidant properties. And as we all know how damaging the sun can be, opting to get your sun kissed glow out of a bottle and not from the sun’s harmful rays is the safest option.

So when does it drop in stores? 

Marbella Glow will be available from Thursday July 9 across Lidl’s 163 stores nationwide.

And while we’re on the topic of exciting product launches, another tanning range has just hit the market, White To Brown.

This tanning range focuses on formulas that bring a little luxury to your beauty routine. They combine the finest skin-boosting formulations with superior tanning techniques, for a product that you’re bound to love. 

Their lotion and mousse, which comes in three different shades, but if you’re not the biggest fan of a mousse or lotion when it comes to tanning, you can also choose from their tanning mist, liquid, water, gel, and even a coconut body spritz, skin cleanse and skin polish. Literally, everything you may ever need.

All their products are vegan and their packaging is 100% recyclable too! Check ’em out here.