Ole Henriksen On Skincare Must-Haves, Perfect Skin And Celebrity Clients

STELLAR chatted to the skincare extraordinaire about all things skin, ofc.


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These days, you’d probably find it difficult to open up Instagram, stroll through a skincare aisle or suss out what the latest must-have products are without seeing the name Ole Henriksen just about everywhere. Ole Henriksen started his brand over three decades ago, and while his Beverley Hills salon is still thriving, his range of stunning skincare products has something for everyone, no matter where you are in the world.

STELLAR caught up with the skincare extraordinaire to chat about all things, you guessed it, skincare.

Skincare differs from makeup in so many ways, we’re all well aware of that. But one thing that really stands out is that skincare has rules, and makeup generally doesn’t. There’s no creativity room in skincare, which is why rules are uber important. So what rule does Ole wish everyone knew? That consistency is key.

The number one rule is to always be consistent with your skincare routine. Even if you keep it simple. Because consistency in life is key in life. For example, when you learn a new language, you have to be consistent because then step by step, you perfect that language. With skincare, it is about being consistent and the results will be visible very quickly. I aim to make products that are comforting and soothing, but at the same time, products that are self proliferating, retexturizing smoothing, so that you have that balance.”


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Speaking about how he has reached where he is today, with a worldwide renowned skincare brand under his belt, Ole shared that he first began creating his products from his very own kitchen. “Going back to 1972/1973 when I went to school in London at the Christine Shaw College of Beauty which sadly no longer exists, I studied cosmetics, chemistry, face and bodywork, makeup, you name it. And with that, of course, my interest was piqued because I had suffered from cystic acne as a young man, and I’d seen my skin improve when it got treated correctly.

I started my first Spa in 1975 in Beverly Hills that I, early on, I would make the products in my own kitchen, bring them on my bicycle to work, clients loved it. So as pure as can be. And then I began developing my own products from there, resulting in the brand that we have today.”

When it comes to the products that every person should have in their skincare routine, Ole didn’t have to think about his answer, immediately knowing the three products that each and every person should include in their day to day routine.

“Clean skin paves the way for healthy skin. So I would say a great cleanser depending on the skin concerns you may have. A thorough cleanse with a suitable cleanser is always very important. The other thing that I feel that everyone should have in their beauty bag is a serum. Our Banana Bright Vitamin C is something everyone should have. It is bursting with 50% of multiple sources of vitamin C, it brightens, it illuminates, it acts as an inflammatory, plus, it diffuses literal imperfections while at the same time being calming and soothing but giving your skin that glow.

Then, of course, the third thing I would say is a moisturiser. So those are my three key things. If you can be consistent with those the results are awesome.”


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On the topic of amazing skincare results, Ole made sure to make it clear that no one’s skin is ever perfect, and perfect skin isn’t something to strive after. “It’s important to always embrace yourself. The point is you’ve got to love yourself, then you can spread that love with others. We can be so critical at times of ourselves because we feel the need to walk around like, perfect, perfect, perfect. What is perfect? Rather than striving for perfect skin, what we should be aiming for is the skin we can maintain in great shape.

Even if your skin is as close to perfect as it can be, once in a while, it could come a little emotional. It could be stress, it could be maybe too much white wine or late nights, whatever it may be. But the point is love who you are. And remember even when you see the celebrities, so many of whom I’ve worked on for decades at the spa, they also have skin issues. No one is perfect.”

Speaking of celebrities, we had to discover if any of Ole’s clients had left him starstruck. “Gosh, there’s been so many. When I saw David Bowie for the first time, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m actually going to be working at David Bowie’s skin’. Immediately you could tell he was a gentleman, very chic, elegant, kind and loving. He was always that way, very connected down to earth.

Another standout moment for me was working with Katy Perry. She remains an extraordinarily loving, grounded person. I do admire the ones who attain success and inspire and motivate the best in all of us. And they remain approachable, kind and loving, which should always be that way. We all here to celebrate life together.”

And in other great news, Ole Henriksen products are now available at Boots, both in-store and online. Check out the range right here.