OMG! Kylie Jenner Is A Fan Of The Irish Cocoa Brown Tanning Brand!

Wowee! The most-watched of the K Klan when it comes to beauty is repping one of our home-grown cosmetic companies!

Kylie jenner repping cocoa brown

Well – what did we spy on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram @kyliejenner this evening? Yup, that is a recommendation from one of beauty’s most beloved, for Ireland’s-own Cocoa Brown tan!

Cocoa brown

“Used my @cocoabrowntan earlier from @marissacarter I love it. Shows results in 1 hour,” she wrote.

And nope, this isn’t one of those celebrity recommendations you’d love to try but can’t due to prohibitive price: at €7.99, the product is one we can all pick up. Nice one, Kyles.

And Kylie’s just one of many famous fans: Tanya Burr, Amy Childs and Vogue Williams are all out ‘n’ proud lovers of the brand too.

But heck, with that recommendation  – and Kylie’s almost 2.6m IG followers – if we were creator Marissa Carter, we’d be screaming right now – fab to see the brand getting much-deserved A-list love. #props