One Of These Nude Lipsticks Sells Every Hour In Ireland

The most popular nude yet?

Here at STELLAR HQ, it’s no secret that we’re partial to a nude lipstick. Surely every gal is a fan of the classic lippie. Different kinds of nudes work for different people, but whether you’re a fan of pink undertone or a cooler hue, you’ve probably got quite the collection between your makeup table and the bottom of your handbag.

It wasn’t really a surprise when we were told, by the iconic Charlotte Tilbury herself(!), that one of the most popular lipsticks in Ireland, the one that sells at least every hour in our great little island, is Pillow Talk itself.

It’s one that’ll go with just about every look, from ‘I woke up like this’ beauty to full glam. So, it makes a whole lot of sense that we’re basically legging it to buy a new Pillow Talk every hour of the day. Not only that, but one Pillow Talk is purchased every minute around the world. Now, I’m no mathematician, but that’s a lot of lipstick.

The iconic shade, if you haven’t yet tried it, is a nude-pink that seems to match each and every wearer perfectly. As well as that, the┬ámoisturising matte formula smooths and shapes the lips. What more could we want?