Penneys Had The Perfect Response To People Fat-Shaming A Woman On Their Instagram

Tell them, Penneys.

For all the chat about body positivity, it’s clear that some of us are still only supportive of a person loving themselves as they are as long as that person fits into a certain ideal.

We’re full of praise for models ‘bravely’ showing off their one stomach roll, but plus size people attempting to do the same? No siree.

Case in point: This photo Penneys shared yesterday of YouTuber Emma Hill rocking one of their Prince tees.

While lots of people were delighted to see some plus-size representation on the @primark page, others piled on to accuse the retailer of ‘promoting obesity’ (that old chestnut).

In response, Penneys leapt into the comments to tell them what’s what:

Hey guys! We love to see your comments but please keep things respectful. We’re all about building each other up, and spreading positivity. We are firm believers that people should wear whatever they want to wear! Whatever makes them feel great! We love Emma Hill’s outfit.

Dead right! If Penneys sells clothes up to a size 24, why shouldn’t they show off those clothes being worn? People over a size 14 want style inspiration too.

The company was previously praised for featuring an amputee model on their Instagram, so we take this as a sign that they’re making a concerted effort to make their feed more inclusive. Maith thú, Penneys.


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