Penneys Is Reportedly Planning To Launch An Online Click And Collect Service

Bye bye to all our cash.

One of the interesting thing about Penneys is that it’s never really attempted an online shop of any kind.

It was briefly stocked on ASOS, but as regular customers know, the beauty of Penneys is getting in there and seeing it all for yourself.

What we wouldn’t mind is the option to buy items online and collect them in our local store – and apparently, the company is on our level.

Earlier this month, Penneys chief executive Paul Marchant told analysts from the advisory group Davy that the retailer was looking into launching a click and collect service.

Davy reports that the service is “on the horizon” and would offer “incremental” (AKA small, but positive) benefits to the retailer over time. However, Penneys/Primark has managed to become one of the top 20 retailers in the UK without an online shop, so they may decide it’s not worth the hassle.

According to the Financial Times, we’re still “a year or so” away from seeing the concept rolled out, and it’s likely to be trialled first in certain regions.

A Penneys click and collect service would be IDEAL for those times you spot something gorgeous on the @primark Instagram but never find it in your nearest shop. Make it happen, guys.

UPDATE: Penneys has responded to the reports that it will trial a click and collect service, telling the Irish Independent there are ‘no plans’ to do so in the near future.

From time to time we will look at click and collect as one possible option to extend our customer service. However, there are no plans in the near future to trial click and collect. The combination of instore design, shopping experience and amazing prices is what makes Primark so attractive.


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