People Have An Issue With Serena Williams’ Eye Brows In This Pic And We Don’t Get It


When we think of Serena Williams, we think; Tennis queen, absolute fit body goals, Venus’ sis and new mom of adorable baby Alexis.

She’s pretty much accomplished everything there is to accomplish in tennis, is an icon for women around the world and is happily married with a gorge little daughter, so you could say she’s doing pretty well for herself, right?

But some of her followers seem to only be able to focus on one thing, her FRICKIN EYEBROWS.!?

The athlete posted a picture to her over 8 million Insta fans, a selfie with her 8-month-old daughter. And while some of the comments were nice, most of them were asking the tennis ace to do something about her fluffy brows.

Now, we loveĀ  a good brow as much as the next gal, but the insistentĀ  focus on the way Serena looks must get pretty annoying for her.

Comments such as “Pleeeeease fix ur dang eyebrows owch…” and “cutie pie baby, but sis, u can’t be serious wit those eyebrows lol” are really doing nothing for our ‘Insta perfection’ complex, and its unnecessary.

Thankfully, the 36-year-old doesn’t seem to be bothered even slightly about the rude comments, but let’s all agree that she could be wearing a plastic bag and still be a 10/10.