People Have Been Putting Their Beauty Blenders In The Microwave And We’re Very Confused

Should you or shouldn't you?

The beauty blender is one of our makeup bag statements, so why in the heck are people are putting them in the microwave?

It’s said to be the latest cleaning technique for our little miracle sponges, but if you’ve been following the trails and tribulations on twitter you’ll know that not everyone is having that much luck…

So you need to remember two crucial things, SOAP AND WATER. A dry beauty blender in the microwave is a sadder tale than Romeo and Juliet.

Lets not pretend we all know what we’re talking about… here’s what the expert says.

“Microwaving the sponge in soapy water is essentially like a supercharged version of putting it in your washing machine, which uses hot water and soap to cleanse fabrics,” Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told Cosmopolitan.

“The microwave energy likely will also kill any microorganisms that may be growing on the sponge as well. The only downside I can think of is the sponge may degrade more rapidly than it would otherwise.”

There you have it, microwave at your own risk.


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