Pimple Face Mapping: What Are Your Breakouts Trying To Tell You?

Pimples popping up on your forehead, cheeks or chin? Where you breakout says a lot about your health. Here's what your breakouts are telling you and how you can cure them...

Girl squeezing a spot

Goddamnit. Another zit has popped up on your chin/between your brows/across your forehead. In fact, there’s so many spots in that one area, you’re convinced that they’ll one day all join together and form one giant, angry blemish.

Ugh. Blemishes that persistently pop up in the same area aren’t just random. Nope, your pimple trouble spots often point to an underlying issue and say a lot about your health. And that’s where face mapping comes in.

Face mapping is an ancient method that explains why certain parts of your face are more prone to breakouts than others. In other words, spots in a particular zone point to a particular problem.

Here’s what might be causing your on-location breakouts and how to treat them.

On your chin or jaw

Breakouts here are often related to hormonal issues. In fact, a cluster of blemishes along your jawline can tell you when you’re ovulating, and depending on which side you breakout, you can even tell from which ovary. For reals. You can lessen hormonal havoc by ensuring you get enough sleep and by following a healthy lifestyle. If the problems persist, visit your doc, who may prescribe you a contraceptive pill to keep your hormones in check.

Between your brows

Uh-oh: breakouts between your brows usually mean one thing: you’ve been eating too much greasy food. Boozing too, can lead to pimple pandemonium around your arches. To clear it up, flush out toxins by drinking plenty of water, and focus on eating clean, unprocessed foods to help your liver to detox. Make sure to keep any tweezers, brushes or tools you use on your brow area clean, to avoid spreading bacteria, too.

On your forehead

Pimples popping up across your forehead? You might have trouble with your digestive system. It’s also linked to stress and a lack of sleep. To cure them, you’ll need to overhaul your diet; cut the junk, and give your bod a boost by drinking hot water and lemon, which will help you more effectively break down food. On another note, be wary, of any hair styling products you use too, which may find their way into your pores.

On your cheeks

Smoking is often to blame for spots on your cheeks, so if you’re fond of a ciggie you might want to stub it out. Another culprit? Your smartphone. You could be transferring bacteria from your handset while having a chin wag. Healthwise, cheek pimples are often a sign that you’re consuming too much meat, dairy and sugar, so take a look at your diet and see where you can cut your intake. Instead, aim to eat more alkalising foods like green veggies and peppers, to fast-track your way to clearer skin.