Pretty Little Thing Have Just Saved Your Summer With These Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

No more chub rub!

While summer might gift us lots of things – 99s on the beach, barbeques in the backyards, a few too many drinks at a festival – we know it does have its downsides. We’re talking mosquito bites the size of golf balls, trying and failing to fall asleep in the heat and, worst of all, thigh chafing.

Ah, the ol’ chafe. You know the drill: you get a little hot and sweaty while walking about in your oh-so-cute summer dress, and then suddenly you’ve got a painful red rash between your thighs from the friction.


Well it’s time to throw away the talcum powder (let’s face it, it was a bit impractical to be carrying around in Coppers anyway) because Pretty Little Thing have a product that’s going to save your summer. The online retailer has introduced chafing bands designed to pop on under a summer dress to prevent the dreaded rub. The bands are black, made from mixed fibres and actually look pretty comfy.

They’ve given a lot of people a lot of joy:

The good news? They’re only €12 and Pretty Little Thing offer speedy shipping.

The bad news? They’re sold out at the mo’ but here’s hoping they’ll be back in stock before the next heatwave.


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