Puffy Eyes Be Gone: The Under-Eye Trick You Need To Know About

Team STELLAR put this puffy-eye nixing trick to the test, and loved it!

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Whether you’ve had a late night, or it’s all down to genetics, under-eye bags can be seriously annoying, and a major pain to fix. Ugh. But here at STELLAR we’ve found an easy trick to make them go away. First up, nip into your kitchen and nab two teaspoons (stay with us here).

Next, take said spoons and stick them in the freezer for five minutes. Once they’re suitably chilled, nab them out of the freezer and press the back of the spoons against your eyelids for about 60 seconds. It works by counteracting water retention and reducing the swelling, meaning your under-eye area will look dramatically de-puffed. Still looking a bit bloated? Just go back for a second round to make the swelling go down.

It works by counteracting water retention and reducing the swelling.

The STELLAR team was so impressed with this little trick, we started wondering what else we could stick in our freezer to handle our puffy-eye probs. We now keep a mini-pot of our fave eye cream, along with cucumber slices and our two teaspoons in there, so we’ll always have something to hand to nix our puffy, tired eyes. #Winning.