Searching For Some WFH Outfit Inspiration? Search No More, This Instagram Page Has You Sorted

Because there's always an excuse to play dress-up

We’ve got ourselves into a nice routine now, we wake up, do a little skincare, get out of our pyjamas and into other clothes that also resemble pyjamas, do some work, then get back into pyjamas.

Yes, finding the energy to get up and look cute as you would normally is extremely difficult when you’re going to be working on the couch all day. All creativity that we once had has gone out the window, and we probably wouldn’t even know where to begin when putting an actual outfit together now.

Que @wfhfits.

Showing us that we don’t HAVE to laze around in our old school hoodie (it’s over 10 years old but you can’t part with it, it holds too many memories), the Instagram page shares pictures of people all over the globe who are looking glam while doing their work at home.

Putting on a cute outfit, or even just styling up some comfy clothes is the way many people are coping with our current situation, and it seems that more and more are very keen to get involved. Since setting up the page on the 12th of march, the account has racked up over 14,000 followers, and counting, with thousands sharing the hashtag #wfhfits to get featured.

So, we thought to spread a little joy and Inspiration, we would round up our 5 favourite outfits from the page, because there’s always a reason to play dress up.


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