Shit Instagram Made Me Buy – The 7 Items That I Was ‘Influenced’ To Try

Pretty Instagram pictures and weak wills do not mix

You may have heard of Instagram, you know that little photo-sharing app which has proceeded to take over your entire existence since you downloaded it.

Accountable for the global rise in selfies and food porn, it too can be held accountable for me spending my hard earned money on stupid shit I don’t need, but also really need because everyone else on Instagram has it, duh.

I have rounded up the top seven products pretty Instagram pictures most definitely made me buy -the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Kicking things off with the bad (and the ugly), I too succumbed to the claims that charcoal toothpaste and powder would make my gnashers pearly white. I was wrong, so very wrong. My ‘teeth whitening’ products now sit in a press in my bathroom half-full, because well, they don’t work. Don’t listen to what those Z list reality stars tell you, steer clear of them, don’t end up like me.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Twinkle twinkle, afternoon sun? @astridandmiyu #astridandmiyu

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Seeing all these Instagrammers looking deadly in their cat eye sunglasses made me want to look deadly in a pair of cat eye sunglasses. So that is exactly what I did, and now, well, I look deadly!

Sheet Masks

Back to the theme of beauty, sheet masks most definitely fall under the category of good… so so good. In this circumstance I am certainly glad I listened to Instagram. I have found a firm beauty favourite in my routine. Sound one, Insta.

Ebay Bikinis

We are probably all a bit sick of seeing pretty girls parade around in a different bikini each day on an island we could never afford to buy flights to. But you know what we can afford? Ebay bikinis. OK, this has been a total hit and miss for me. The quality of some I have bought has been great, the quality of others not so great. But that is a risk I am willing to take, because who could be bothered spending the guts of €50 on a piece of cloth that will get destroyed by chlorine.

Ikea Plants

sick af ?

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Yes, I am that person who owns fake plants. Partly because I am so irresponsible that I cannot be trusted to take care of a real plant, but also (mostly) for aesthetic reasons. They look cute, and everyone else does it to so why can’t I?! Mmkay.

Self-Care Books

Simple, comfortable, hygge. – #thelittlebookofhygge Photo: @alisaanton

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Nothing says “I’m relaxed” like spending €16 on a book that tells you to chill the f out. Ah, so zen. But hey, you can take pretty pictures of all your self care books and at least pretend on the ‘gram that your life is chilled.

Lip Kits On A Budget

I’m the kind of person who has a slight interest in make up but like, ya girl is on a budget sooo gimmie those knock offs. When it comes to Kylie’s lip kits, as usual, ol’ reliable Penney’s did not fail us. Having seen their own version of the lip kits paraded around the Insta sphere, I decided to give them a whirl myself, and they did not disappoint – success!

Have you ever bought anything you saw on Instagram?


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