Skincare Junkie: The Perfect Scrub To Get Manky Old Fake Tan Off Your Neck

It's gentle enough to use on your face, too.

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I never really liked the idea of exfoliating my face. In all honesty, I’m very bad for exfoliating the rest of my body at all. It was only until my recent fake tan addiction developed that I learned the importance of a decent exfoliator and exfoliating glove, however the one I was using to remove the scaldy tan from my knees was definitely too harsh to be putting on my face, so it was time to do a bit of digging.

To some people’s disgust, I’m a divil for fake tanning my face and neck and find it impossible to remove old tan from the hollows of my neck without rubbing myself raw. Luckily, a very special product was dropped into my life through the form of a STELLAR Live goodie bag. One of three scrubs in a new L’Oreal smooth sugars range, the smooth and glow scrub has become my new go-to face exfoliator.

The scrub is made up of three sugars which all have different exfoliating and skincare properties: White sugar, which melts on the skin while gently buffing away impurities and dead skin cells. Blonde sugar, which is a natural moisturiser, and brown sugar which is rich in minerals that help strengthen the skin’s barrier.

As for its brightening properties, the scrub contains grapeseed oil which is packed with vitamin E to illuminate and brighten skin, monoi oil, a natural moisturiser, known to protect skin from dullness and fatigue, and acai powder, which softly polishes the surface of your skin.

I use the scrub three times a week (either morning or night), applying it to my clean, dry skin in circular motions. I then add warm water and massage it into my skin until the sugars melt, and then remove with a warm, damp face cloth. The scrub leaves your skin feeling soft and looking bright. I use it on those pesky tan blotches on my neck as well and it works a treat without damaging my skin.

The Smooth and Glow Scrub has all the exfoliating properties you need, without being too harsh on your skin. So, if you’re a sensitive skin gal or just wary about what you’re putting on your skin, this is perfect. The scrub is part of a trio of products that can all be purchased separately in Boots for €12.99 each, or they have a handy 3 for 2 option if you want to try out the other two.

One thing to note: the smell isn’t exactly pleasant. It’s definitely not bad and certainly doesn’t bother me, but I’ve seen some reviews from some people who can’t stand it. So, if you’ve an overly heightened sense of smell – be warned.