Skincare Junkie: Why You Should Get Involved With Cleansing Balms

The fact that they make you look demented is part of the fun.

STELLAR’s resident skincare junkie Cara Croke shares the product she’s loving this week.

Anyone who knows me is aware of how agro I can be when it comes to makeup removal. Even if I’m falling into bed after a night out, you better believe I’ve cleansed and toned first – it’s second nature for me, and it should be for you, too!

After years of destroying my skin with makeup wipes and fiercely rubbing my eyes with micellar water, I recently revolutionised my makeup removal process with Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

I first heard about this product on YouTube last year, when influencers such as Desi Perkins and MannyMUA included it in their skincare routines. However, I only got around to trying it myself in October of last year.

The balm removes your base and eye makeup all at once. What I usually do is take a small lump of the balm and rub it together in my hands until it forms an oil. Then, I rub it all over my face, including my eyes, and it literally melts away the makeup. Then I’m left looking a lot like MannyMUA when he uses it:

MannyMUA YouTube

Once my face is a frightening shade of black, I use a damp facecloth to wipe away all the balm. It’s the first product I’ve used that removes every bit of my eye makeup completely, so now it’s one of the most important steps in my skincare routine.

You can pick up Take The Day Off anywhere that stocks Clinique, such as Debenhams and certain Boots stores.

At €29 it seems a bit pricey for makeup remover, however I’m a firm believer that you should spend just as much money on your skincare as you do on your makeup. At the end of the day, your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin underneath it, y’know?

I bought my first tub back in October, and I’m only starting to run out of it now – despite using it almost every single day. It’s a good investment, I promise.


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