So Apparently We Shouldn’t Be Using Shower Gel Or Conditioner To Shave Our Legs

Rude, TBH.

Don’t know about you, but we can’t remember the last time we bought shaving foam.

It’s so much easier to just grab your razor and shave while you have the body wash and conditioner out, and cheaper too.

HOWEVER. We’re here to ruin all that for you, because apparently we shouldn’t be using either of these things to shave with.

Dermatologist Dr Anita Sturnham tells Popsugar that shower gels and conditioners work against, not with, your razor:

Shaving has a naturally exfoliating mechanism of action, so you need to use products that are designed to work in synergy with your razor and improve glide, reduce friction and the risk of irritation and cuts. [Shower gel and conditioner] will coat the hairs, making them thicker and more difficult to shave.

Anita says these products also blunt your razors by clogging them up, leading to them becoming absolutely useless fairly quickly.

All this screams of a Big Shaving Foam conspiracy, though. If you find you can get a grand shave with shower gel and conditioner, keep on keeping on.

If you desire a closer, nick-free shave – buy men’s shaving cream, because it’s much cheaper. We won’t give in to you, Venus.


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