So, Nipple Fillers Are A Thing Now and Excuse Me Did I Hear That Right?

Too far Ladies, TOO FAR

Yeah, that’s right, nipple. fillers. 

I mean, pumping your lips and cheeks with filler is one thing, but the nips.. really? The latest celebrity inspired trend influencing people around the world has been dubbed the ‘designer’ nipple. And yes, the procedure sounds just as horrifying as you could imagine.

Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are amongst those who are inspiring the trend. Okay, we get wanting to look like them, so what exactly does the procedure entail then?

Doctors are taking hyaluronic acid fillers (like the ones you get in your lips) and using them to plump up the nipple – areolar complex, with the thicker the filler the more pronounced the effect. The aim of the procedure is to make the nipples appear more perk and visible under clothing. You know, the Jen Anderson in Friends look we’re all far too familiar with.

However, many doctors are warning against the procedure, stating that “It is not an FDA approved use of hyaluronic acid fillers.” Meaning that it very well could cause side effects such as nipple or breast infections. Ouch.

I think we will be steering clear of this one.



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