So *This* Is How Kim Kardashian Feels About Her Daughter North Wearing Make-Up

She has her reasons.

Kim Kardashian opened up to beauty YouTuber, Desi Perkins, in a new video about parenting 4-year-old, North West, and revealed just how old her daughter needs to be before she can wear make-up.

Desi opened the conversation, asking Kim “What age do you think you’ll start letting her wear make-up?”

“Probably 12,” Kim replied, “That’s when I started to get into it and then when I was like 14 my Dad got me makeup lessons and they video taped it and showed us how to put on liner and lashes.

“They were really just into actual contour and concealer, all kind of nude monochromatic looks, which is so my vibe and probably why I like the kind of makeup that I like.”

Do you think 12 is an appropriate age?

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