What The Hell Is ‘Eyebrow Soaping’ – And Why Is Everybody Doing It?

It's the latest blogger craze and it looks totally stun.

Every week a new blogger hack goes viral. How about that time NikkieTutorials told us to apply highlighter with a wet BeautyBlender and it totally transformed our make-up routine?

Or when Huda Beauty taught us about baking and we suddenly started looking fresh faced on Monday mornings?

Now, there’s another blogger-approved trick doing the rounds and despite some initial reservations, we’re totally on board with it.

The technique in question involves rubbing soap through your eyebrows. Bear with us here, it’s not as cray as it sounds.

Soap Brows ? @__shellbyyyy Using #BrowDefiner in Dark Brown #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills

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Anastasia Beverly Hills demonstrated how it’s done on Instagram. All you gotta do is take a wet spoolie, run it through a bar of soap and then brush it through your brows in an upward motion.

Once that’s done just take your usual brow filler and shape your brows as normal – and et voila, you’ve got yourself some perfectly defined eyebrows.

Even super bloggers Pixiwoo are on board, and shared their own tutorial of the technique on YouTube.

Hey, if it’s good for our fave-o #Bbloggers, then it’s good enough for us.