Socks (Yes, Socks!) Are The Key To Getting Your Foundation Flawless

It's weird but it works.

Sock foundation

It’s an unusual tip to say the least but after seeing YouTuber Mayra from Mayra’s Touch Of Glam put this strange beauty hack to the test, well, we have to say that the results speak for themselves.

In her newly uploaded video Mayra shuns her usual beauty kit of brushes and blenders and instead grabs a sock with a cushioned heel and toe to get her make-up flawless.

To begin, Mayra turns the sock inside out. Then, starting with a small amount of product she begins to buff the foundation into her skin.

The result? A perfectly applied, airbrushed finish. Pretty impressive, huh?

While we’re reluctant to ditch our Beauty Blender, we reckon this could be a great trick to have up your sleeve in emergencies. Away for the weekend and forgot your beauty blender? No problem, just grab a (clean) sock!

Check out Mayra’s video below to see the full process and her flawless results.

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