Stacey Solomon Is Being Refreshingly Honest About Her Struggle With Adult Acne

"Sometimes it really gets me down." Been there!

Adult acne is unfortunately something many of us have to deal with – including TV presenter Stacey Solomon, who has shared how she struggles with spots in her late 20s.

Writing in her column for The Sun, Stacey says she had no trouble with her skin as a teenager, but at 26, she suddenly started to get ‘clusters of spots’ around her cheeks and chin.

I’m 28 now and I get spots regularly. I have craters and scars from some of the stubborn spots. I’d love to say it doesn’t bother me. To be fair, the majority of the time, it doesn’t – but sometimes it really gets me down.

She said her skin really knocked her confidence when she first met her boyfriend Joe Swash while presenting I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp in Australia.

“I wanted to be makeup-free and beachy but I couldn’t bear the thought of him seeing all my spots and damaged skin,” she says.

I got up at 3am every morning and put my foundation on in the sweltering heat before going to camp… The most ironic thing about me being so paranoid was that the more makeup I wore, the worse my spots got.

When Stacey finally got the courage to go makeup-free in front of Joe, he didn’t even notice the difference, inspiring her to embrace her bare face.

She still has no idea what causes the acne, nor how to get rid of it (though she does recommend drinking loads of water and eating fermented foods like natural yoghurt and sauerkraut) – but she isn’t as bothered by it now as she used to be.

To anyone suffering from acne or skin issues, it’s important to know that your skin doesn’t define you… You are beautiful with or without spots. And I believe that these so-called blemishes add character!

We hear you Stacey!


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