Staycationing This Summer? What To Wear For Your Outdoorsy Irish Trip

You may need to switch up the summer wardrobe you had planned.


Well, most of us by now have officially given up hope of spending summer 2020 in the Spanish sunshine. But don’t fret. Thankfully, we are lucky enough to live in a country as beautiful as Ireland and there is no shortage of gorg places to spend a weekend.

Out biggest staycation inspo at the moment is Roz Purcell, as she is just back from a trip to beautiful Dingle. The Hike Life founder already loves to get outside and embrace the outdoors, and we’re envisioning the same kind of holiday for ourself this year.

However, you may need to switch up the summer wardrobe you had planned. The countless bikinis and sun dresses can be worn here if you’re lucky with the weather, but we’re investing in some hiking gear that can take us anywhere around the country. Whether you’re trekking up Mount Brandon in Co Kerry, out west at the Cliffs of Moher or walking The Spinc in Co Wicklow, it’s essential to have the right gear so you stay comfy and don’t get drenched in any potential rain!

As the sunshine most certainly isn’t guaranteed here, we’re all about injecting some sunshine into your wardrobe instead with these colourful pieces.

Lightweight fleece in black/blue; €96.99 

Neon Lights Matte 475ml water bottle; €34.99 

The Hike Life Beanie; €17.50 

Windbreaker; €120.00 

Strappy Bra; €34.99 

Cap; €25.00 

Coral 650ml water bottle; €20.99 

Windbreaker; €72.00 

Classic cap in yellow; €30.99 

Fleece jumper; €23.00 

Nike Training Swoosh bra in yellow; €44.99 

Shorts; €50.00 

Kanken Backpack in Green with Contrast Pink; €110.99 

Windbreaker; €155.00 

Padded sports bralette; €19.99 

Seamless Performance Leggings; €55 

Cap; €25.00 

Stainless steel water bottle; €14.99 

Anorak jacket in pink; €99.54 

Wrap front bra in red and orange; €24.19 

Sports tights High Waist; €22.99 


Rucksack; €79.00 

Windbreaker; €120.00 


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