STELLAR Asked 11 Irish Celebs To Share Their Holy Grail Beauty Products And Treatments

We do love being nosy.

Ever wonder how your favourite celebs stay looking flawless (besides #blessed genes)? Well, wonder no more, because we got on to them to find out. 

Cassie Stokes

“I love Kiehl’s Blemish Control because I wear make-up for most of the day on camera, and my skin tends to break out – but only when I have an important event of course! This cream really gets rid of spots quick and it’s also easy to apply throughout the day.

My go-to beauty treatment to feel amazing without make-up is any mask, especially Seoulista ones and my IMAGE Vitamin C cleanser and moisturiser… I started using it about three months ago and my skin has never felt more hydrated and looked more glowing. Jennifer Rock, AKA The Skin Nerd, also known as my saviour pointed me in the right direction and I haven’t looked back.”

Roz Purcell

“I can’t live without IMAGE SPF32+ Daily Cream because I’ve been using it for years and luckily never suffer from breakouts or dry skin. I’ve had the same skincare routine for so long and with the added SPF in IMAGE, it’s helped to really protect my skin.

I also get microdermabrasion at Renew Clinic because it completely clears the skin and removes any dirt that might result in blocked pores. I get it done regularly as I love the feeling of my skin feeling completely clean and refreshed. I swear by it!”

Doireann Garrihy

“My make-up must-have is Benefit Hoola Lite. The shade of the bronzer is perfect for winter months when I’m that bit paler. I try to avoid putting fake tan on my face as my skin is quite sensitive, so I lash this on if needs be. It also works really well for contouring. It’s always in my bag!

My go-to beauty treatment to feel amazing without makeup is an Image facial. I go to the new OSLO beauty salon in Arnotts, they do all of the IMAGE facial treatments and peels. Four or five days after the facial your skin feels amazing. You could almost never wear make-up again… almost.”

Lottie Ryan

“I’m a huge fan of healthy, naturally glowy skin and I’ve spent years experimenting with different brands and products. Environ is simple, incredibly effective and reliable. I have
very early starts with Breakfast Republic on 2fm so I have to be comfortable wearing no make-up because I have no time to put it on in the morning!”

Louise McSharry

The makeup.

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“I can’t live without mascara. I have blonde eyelashes and without a bit of mascara they are basically invisible. I could go without everything else but mascara is essential.

I also swear by a decent eyebrow tint! For years I went without this, and lived with my extremely fair eyebrows. Now when I look back at photos I feel sad for them, they didn’t know what they could become! I don’t even need to wax or pluck them as long as they’re visible.”

Thalia Heffernan

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“I recently discovered Skinfull Affairs on Exchequer Street in Dublin, who carry an impressive and extensive vegan- friendly range of skin, nail and hair care, and I’ll never
go back to the non-facial days again! A full hour and a half of microdermbabrasion and extraction isn’t for the faint of heart, but my skin feels like a weight has been lifted. I can tend to ignore my skin care so this really helped to reverse all of that damage.”

Glenda Gilson


“My go-to beauty treatment in the salon is a CACI non-surgical facial at Edvard & Pink in Dundrum. The non-surgical facial re-educates and lifts the muscles on the face for dramatic results. After I get it done I never want to apply make-up to my face again!”

Bláthnaid Treacy

“I can’t live without the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow contouring palette. It’s the dream and works really well on camera. It makes your skin look really fresh and dewy, while not having that over the top contouring look. My go-to beauty treatment is the Hydra-Oxygen Facial from Beacon Face and Dermatology in Sandyford, Dublin. The whole team are lovely and really welcoming. Ciara did my facial and my skin felt and looked amazing a afterwards.”

“I adore my Environ Pre-Cleansing Oil because it removes my make-up so quickly and so easily. All I have to do is pour a couple of drops in the palm of my hand, and massage it into my face including around the eye area. I then use a hot face cloth to remove all product and afterwards my skin is left feeling so soft and clean. It’s great for removing every kind of make-up product, from the trickiest of eyeliner to the strongest of lip colours.”

Samantha Mumba

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“I recently discovered IS Clinical skincare. I’ve been following their regime religiously and it has honestly been a game changer for me. I’m obsessed! My skin is so much smoother and firmer and it’s gotten rid of some fine lines. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and can’t wait to see what the results are more long term.

Also, I’ll only sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase. I bring one with me when I travel. It stops my hair and skin from drying out and I never wake up with those horrible crease marks on my face…which I think give you lines over time. Can’t recommend it enough; my little girl has her own as well!”

Louise O’Neill

“The skincare product I cannot live without is glycolic acid from I had an outbreak of adult acne in my mid-twenties, and the three step program contained the only products that actually worked to clear my skin completely. I rarely wear make-up when I’m working so I get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted every three weeks. That way, all I need is a slash of bright lipstick and I feel as if I’ve made an effort to look semi-decent.”


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