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Hands up if you’re in desperate need of seeing a hairdresser?! Yep, you’re not the only one.

With hairdressers shut as a result of Coronavirus restrictions, people up and down the country are desperately trying to find ways to bring the salon home. STELLAR writers Adele and Amie are just two amongst thousands of Irish women trying to perfect their haircare routines, guiding them in their journey is beauty giant, Aussie.

Bottling Oz brilliance since 1979, Aussie’s goal is to pave an easy route for people who are looking for great hair. With a wide range of products available for all the different hair types under the sun. Aussie bottles ingredients such as Macadamia Nut Oil, and Hemp Seed extract. There are few cruelty-free and affordable products on the market that pack the same punch.

Each choosing a core range from Aussie, and ready to embark on their haircare journey, let’s get to know Adele and Amie’s hair a little better.

Adele will be using: SOS Range & 3-Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment 

If I had to use two words to describe my hair it would be fine and dull – depressing, I know! It’s not all doom and gloom though, when my hairdresser does get her hands on my gruaig I have a couple of weeks where I LOVE it (how do they blow dry it so well, what are their secrets?!). But alas, since I have been in lockdown I, of course, haven’t been able to get my tri-monthly pick-me-up from my hairdresser and so as a result my hair is in quite a state.

I have very straight, naturally fair hair, that I brighten up with some blonde dye once a year or so, which means that it tends to be pretty dry. My main aim for the time I have to spend away from my hairdresser is to keep it in the best condition possible. This means I want to add shine and strength to my hair from root to tips, something that I’m very hopeful Aussie’s SOS Range and 3 Minute Miracle Moisture treatment can do for me!

The SOS Range is a lifeline for dull and damaged hair. Comprised of the ‘Kiss of Life’ shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, along with 15-second miracle shots, and heat and humidity protection sprays, it is the brand’s latest offering for those looking to brighten up their hair. Enriched with Australian superfruits, it works rapidly to rescue and repair dry and damaged hair. While Aussie’s 3 Minute Miarcle treatment is one of the brand’s hero products. Gaining a cult following for a reason, the award-winning product works by packing moisture into the hair in just three short minutes.

Amie will be using:  Calm The Frizz Range

I have naturally straight hair. But when I say naturally straight, it’s more so frizzy and frumpy, and naturally flicks out at the ends. So not exactly straight, and more of a nuisance than anything. Usually, I’ll blow-dry and straighten or curl my hair, or on lazy nights, I’ll quickly blowdry say, 80% of my hair and pop it into two little French plaits before I go to bed. But no matter what I do, what products I use, there’s frizz. Frizz galore.

My baby hairs go haywire, everything’s a tad unruly and my hair in general just won’t behave. If I want smooth and silky, I’ll go in with the straightener a few hundred times, and an hour later, BOOM: It expands outwards, and hello frizz.

I spotted the Aussie Calm the Frizz range a while ago, and I’ve been excited to use it ever since. The shampoo, conditioner, and treatment are all aimed towards taming unruly, frizzy hair with Australian Hemp seed extract to achieve smooth, soft, frizz-free locks, so I’m here for it.

The Calm The Frizz Range works by combating unruly hair. Comprised of the ‘Calm The Frizz’ shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, it is cult classic for those looking to manage their tresses. Infused with a magic ingredient, Austrailian Hemp Seed Extract, users of the product can expect to see their rebellious locks transformed from wild to luscious with just a few uses.

Over the next 2 months Adele and Amie will be trialing their ranges and documenting their haircare journey. So, be sure to keep an eye here and on our Instagram page for regular updates on their process.

Aussie is available to buy from Irish retailers such as Boots, Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Supervalu, and Superdrug.


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