STELLAR Writers Share Their Final Thoughts On Hair Care Journey With Aussie

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STELLAR writers Adele and Amie have been on a two-month hair-care journey with hair brand Aussie. Addressing their specific hair needs using an Aussie range targeting their issues, the girls are now at the end of their two-month course and have their final verdicts to share.

Here’s what they have to say: 

Adele is using: SOS Range & 3-Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment 

At the end of my two-month journey with Aussie, I am happy to report that I couldn’t be any more delighted with the results!

I’ve said it at each stage of the journey now – but I still haven’t been able to see my hairdresser, and given the state my hair was in last year when I had to go months between hair appointments due to the pandemic, my hair is in much better condition this time around which is testament to the products I’ve been using.

A couple of weeks ago I did notice my hair looking a little drab and dull, so to try to breathe some life back into it I brought out the big guns – Aussie’s SOS Repair Treatment Shot. To give my hair as much love as possible, instead of throwing this in for a few minutes in the shower, I actually wet my hair one afternoon and massaged the treatment into my hair from mid-length to ends and let it sit in my hair, working its magic for a couple of hours before washing it out.

This worked wonders and after I washed and styled my hair it was back in the condition it should be again – with some extra volume too!

Mini hair meltdown aside, I’ve been loving using the SOS Kiss Of Life shampoo and conditioner along with the Three Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment. Every time I use them it feels like a luxurious treat, a self-care ritual I’ve grown to love in the last couple of months. My hair is overall healthy, it has a shine and a bounce which it never had before, and now I can’t wait to get back to my hairdresser to have a trim and reap the full benefits of my new-found haircare holy-grails.

Amie is using: Calm The Frizz Range

Honestly, I can’t believe that it’s been two months since I first started on my hair care journey with Aussie. I was so excited about the Calm The Frizz range, and right now I’m over the moon with the results.

Again, like pretty much everyone I haven’t been able to visit my hairdresser in a hot minute. I have the kind of hair that needs a bit of taming and keeping on top of when it comes to regular haircuts. Alas, my hair has been slightly all over the place and a bit too much to handle since my last hairdresser appointment.

It gets frizzy, fly-away, and much to my own dismay flicks out at all angles. When I first started using Calm The Frizz, I noticed a difference almost immediately. Think smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

Now two months on, my hair is looking the best in a while. The shine and smoothness are still there while feeling sleek and manageable. But to give me and my locks a little lease of life, I’ve been reaching for the Aussie SOS Repair Treatment Shot once a week.

There are few things that annoy me more than having to wash my hair before putting a treatment in, and then rinse it out again. So the lazy part of me fell in love with this immediately, popping it in ten minutes before my shower and achieving as close as possible to salon-worthy hair all by myself.

As a self-confessed beauty addict, there’s nothing I love more than falling head over heels for a product, or in this case, four products: Calm The Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, 3 Minute Miracle Calm The Frizz Deep Treatment and the SOS Repair Treatment Shot. I already know I’ll be reaching for them again, and again, and again.

Aussie is available to buy from Irish retailers such as Boots, Dunnes Stores, Tesco, Supervalu, and Superdrug.

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