STELLAR’s Top 10 Beauty Products Under €10

Want a make-up hit without maxing out your card? We've got 10 bargain beauty buys to get you covered, from head to toe.


There’s nothing like getting loads of new make-up bits for the price of one luxury item. Sure we love the pigments of the pricey lippies and the luxury packaging that makes application that little bit sweeter, but there’s a lot to be said for those high street heroes too.

Here’s our list of game-changing beauty booty that’s not only super effective, its also super affordable.

Kirstie, Editor


“I love Rimmel Apocalips, €8.49. These are incredibly good for the price. Liquid lipstick (not gloss!) is my favourite lip formula – there’s something about an incredibly thick, opaque pigment-saturated lip slick that I love and these are some of the best. Nope, they don’t last too long, but I think expecting anything to last on your lips is a bit silly anyway, so I don’t mind that. There’s a red that’s amazing for night and a couple of great daytime nudes. If you can get a three-for-two on these, go for it.”

Top-10-Beauty-Products-Under-10-Euro-Garnier-Body-Oil-Beauty Scrub-1

“Garnier Body Oil Beauty Scrub, €8.49, is brilliant stuff. It’s really nice to keep in the shower and you don’t feel too guilty for using loads – it’s so affordable, genuinely effective and smells lovely.”

Rosemary, Deputy Editor


“Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads. They’re €7.95 and though I was initially sceptical, recently I’ve started using them on breakouts – they work absolute wonders. Each pad contains salicylic acid which helps dry up spots and oily patches. I’m addicted now!”


“Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is technically €10.49 but currently €9.99 in Boots! I love this foundation so much. It gives really good, buildable coverage and it’s really dewy – so great if you kind of like the look of strobing but can’t be arsed highlighting yourself every day before work. I find I need a little powder on and around my nose, but other than that it gives a gorgeous finish.”

Linda, Fashion Editor


“This Brow Satin pencil from Maybelline is the best and it’s only €8.49. I’ve used ones for €25 plus that last no time – this one goes the distance and the colour is perfect.”


“Rimmel’s Wonder-Full Wake Me Up Mascara, €6.99, is one of my fave mascaras. It gives lift, volume and is really long lasting.”

Katie, Junior Designer


“First up, the Catrice Kohl Kajal in Brownzer is a gem. It’s a light metallic gold colour that’s fab smudged for under the eyes – it instantly wakes up your face. And the best bit? It’s only €2.29.”


“Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops, €7.99, are next on my list. One drop dries your nails in seconds and leaves a lovely glossy finish… I think it’s got silicone in it.”

Michelle, Staff Writer


“The Penneys P.S. Love… Felt Eye Liner Pen, €2, is the bomb. It’s literally like taking a precision marker to your eyelid – in the kindest way possible – and drawing what you please. The perfect cat’s eye is complete in three seconds flat – even for shaky handed gals like me.”


“I have no patience when it comes to nails. As soon as talk of base coats and top coats kick off, I’ve skipped the extra steps, painted all ten red and legged it out the door. Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel, €4.81, is a cinch to use and dries in seconds (I know, the name alone gives that little nugget away). Bright Coral is a punchy pink and although it’s probably not recommended, I use just one coat, for a couple of days of colour, chip-free.”