Still Can’t Perfect Your Eyeliner? This Make-Up Stamp Makes It So Stupidly Easy

Make-up klutzes everywhere rejoice!

Vamp Stamp

I’ve watched the tutorials, I’ve practiced and I’ve even asked my friends to demonstrate how it’s done and STILL I can’t create a winged eyeliner look that isn’t uneven and messy.

It’s up there with one of the trickiest make-up techniques to master and typically, if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend a good few minutes trying to get that winged look exactly the way you want it, only to end up flinging that eyeliner pen across the room in defeat.

Like, for christ sake, I have work to go to, people.

Being such an eyeliner amateur then I was only delighted to find the Vamp Stamp; a nifty little tool that makes drawing that illusive line oh-so easy.

Or at least, it certainly looks that simple on Instagram…

She stamped. And created her VAMP stamp. Ink. Stamp. Vamp.

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Our babe @addykruse Winging It! With #thevampstamp #eyelineronpoint

A video posted by The Vamp Stamp® (@the_vampstamp) on

Yup, have a stalk through The Vamp Stamp IG page, and you’ll see lotsa gals, who admittedly probably have a little bit more make-up prowess than me, simply stamp the tool on the outer corner of their eyelids to create the perfect V-shaped impression.

It’s the tool that’ll help you “wing it” when it comes to winged eyeliner, the brand say.

Look, I’m normally quite dubious of any product claiming to make winged eyeliner ‘easy’ (it’s never easy, guys) but I’m hopeful for this one.

The only bad news is that The Vamp Stamp hasn’t even been released yet, and at the mo the brand have only hinted that the release date is ‘soon’, whatever that means.

Until then though I guess I’ll just have to carry on with my haphazard application as normal. Tantrums and all. Sigh.