Stop What You’re Doing! Beautyblender’s New Eyeliner Tool Is Set To Be A Total Game Changer

Their newest product launch is going to revolutionise the way you do your eye make-up.


We don’t know what we did before Beautyblender’s magical complexion sponges came along. There isn’t a day goes by where we don’t put them to good use; employing them for everything from under-eye concealing, to contour blending and setting blemish cover ups.

Now the brand have launched another beauty tool that’s set to become a MAJOR player in our make-up bag artillery.

Introducing the Beautyblender Liner Designer; a rubbery guitar pick-shaped tool, designed to get your eyeliner flicks on fleek.

BeautyBlender Liner Designer

BeautyBlender Liner Designer

The premise is simple. Just line the straight edge up where you want to place your flicks, kinda like you would with a credit card, to draw on a precise, clean line. Its flexible edges mean you can get super creative with your flick design, while the curved edge can both shield eyeshadow fallout and stop your mascara from smudging on to your skin.

Other features include a handy compact case to house it in and a 5x magnified mirror for use on the go.

Using tape for your eyeliner is so 2015! ✨ #beautyblender2016 ✨

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Does this mean we’ll be able to get the perfect cat eye every.single.time? Yep, we reckon it’ll be a dream come true for shaky-handed girls everywhere.

While there’s no word on a confirmed euro price yet, Beautyblender have said that the Liner Designer will officially launch in March. We’ll be first in line to buy one. Race ya!


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